Do Skills Required for Rummy Games Online and Offline Differ?

This is a very common question that arises in the minds of most online or offline rummy players. They wonder whether the skills for online rummy gaming and offline rummy playing really differ or are they the same. Actually, as an online rummy player, you may need some extra skills that offline players don’t need … Read more

Different Types of Cricket Pitches and How They Help Bowlers?

A cricket pitch is 10 feet wide and 66.01 feet long. The batting and bowling crease are away from the stumps each side by 0.21 metres. Now a pitch and its surface can differ from a country to country, weather condition, and how the pitch was prepared. When you play fantasy cricket on the internet … Read more

3 Arrested For Sexually Harassing Woman In Kolkata Bus: Police

Police arrested the three after they tried to flee the bus (Representational) KOLKATA:  Three persons were arrested for allegedly sexually harassing a woman while she was travelling in a bus in Kolkata’s Pragati Maidan area late on Saturday night, police said on Sunday. The incident happened at around 10 pm on Saturday, when police heard a … Read more

ED is lying, I left for Geneva only with 5 bags, not 300: Vijay Mallya

Refuting the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) charge that he traveled with 300 bags when he left India for Geneva, Vijay Mallya has filed an affidavit before a court in Mumbai and stated that he and his companion had only five bags with them. The affidavit was filed by Mallya’s lawyer Amit Desai last week. In it, … Read more

Samsung to finally allow adoptable storage with Android Pie

The adoptable storage feature was introduced with Android Marshmallow a few years ago and it made sense for devices with low built-in storage since the microSD card acted as an additional space not just for your media but your apps as well. Unfortunately, Samsung chose not to adopt that feature on the premise that only … Read more

The notch was introduced in September 2017 with the iPhone X, and since then it has been a polarizing topic about aesthetics and functionality. While some phones natively had a toggle to have a black bar on top, others were forced to stay with the cutout. The Nokia 6.1 Plus introduced the feature but was … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) First Impressions

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series is positioned between its affordable J-series and the flagship S-series of smartphones. This translates into phones that have better hardware and build compared to the J series of phones and a few features that have tricked down from the S-series. The latest addition to this lineup is the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) which sports … Read more

Samsung’s decadent, ultra-fast CHG70 FreeSync 2 HDR monitor just hit its lowest price yet

We love Samsung’s CHG70 curved FreeSync 2 display despite the hefty $600 price tag for the 27-inch version and the even heftier $700 price for the 32-inch model. Today, you’ll love the 27-inch version even more since Amazon is selling this glorious HDR display for $426. Samsung’s monitor has been dropping in price lately—it was $490 just a … Read more

6 Products Designed Especially for Rummy Lovers

As we get used to playing certain games, they become a part of our daily life. To accommodate such games, you need to add some touches to your décor too. Here are a few amazing products designed particularly for lovers of rummy card game: Card Holders A regular card games player knows that after the … Read more

The Benefits Of Anti-Corrosion Materials

One of the most obvious benefits of using any kind of an anti-corrosive material is the fact that it helps to protect the metal on which it is placed. This is especially true when an anti corrosion liquid is used in place of other materials. The anti-corrosive properties will give the metal a much longer … Read more