Weekly poll results: second screens are loved, as long as they don’t cost too much

Dual screens are a potential solution to the selfie camera craziness – no notches, holes, sliders, pop-ups and so on, just use the rear camera and the second display as a viewfinder.

In last week’s poll dual screens proved more popular than foldable phones. Even a small second screen is fine, though there’s a clear preference for larger panels.

That said, a surprising number of people commented that they don’t care about selfies and especially video calls. Well, we guess that should worry Instagram’s management more so than phone makers.

Anyway, by far the most popular option was “stop making phones more expensive”. Some argued that a dual display phone is not necessarily more expensive than one with a single display. It’s true that ZTE’s nubia X is considerably cheaper than Apple, Samsung and Huawei flagships.

However, we think that a dual screen phone will always cost more than other phones from the same brand. Sure, you save cost by skipping the selfie camera and avoiding weirdly-shaped displays. But at least early on the second screen will be a rare feature (potentially what makes you buy the phone in the first place), so we think they’ll command a higher price.

One thing is for sure, though, foldable phones will be the most expensive handsets of 2019.