Top 10 Mobile & Tech Blogs To Read

mobile tech blogs

With constant changes in mobile and new technology developments all the time, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to try and keep up. Fortunately, we have many blogs and websites that cover mobile and new technology to help you out. Here is a list of the Top 10 Mobile and Technology Blogs To Read (in no particular order):

  1. TechCrunch: TechCrunch has a plethora of information for technology news. At ChaiOne, we especially like the Mobile section of the website. Besides technology news, readers can find information on technology companies through TechCrunch’s free database, CrunchBase. They also have great information about startups and has the latest info on all things tech throughout the day.

  2. The Next Web: The popular website covers a wide range of technology news across the globe. We like reading The Next Web because we can get technology news and information that affects everyone. In addition, The Next Web has a division that organizes various conferences and events. The Next Web Labs is another part of the company that builds startups so you can learn more about what types of companies and services are sprouting up.

  3. ReadWrite: ReadWrite is a great blog that provides tech news, reviews, and analysis. You can learn more on various topics including cloud, enterprise, hacking, mobile, and more. We especially like the clean design of the page which makes it easy to read and share articles.

  4. Re/code (from the former All Things D team): To expand upon the All Things Digital conference, was created to open the conversation to everyone. The team at All Things D recently launched a new business and have brought their writing talents to Re/code. With Re/code, people will get news, analysis, and opinion on existing and new technology, the Internet, and media in a variety of media styles and from multiple sources.

  5. GigaOM: GigaOM is a great source for mobile news. In our opinion, it also has some of the best information on wearable technologies. You can learn more about emerging technologies and the disruption of media by reading GigaOM. Also, an interesting thing to note is that the site includes a specific news section on clean technology.

  6. Android Police: A more niche mobile blog is Android Police. For information on everything Android, you will find the latest news and posts on Android Police. This blog is a great source for all Android news, apps, games, phones, and tablets with great posts for developers. The site also has helpful tips and tutorials for Android apps and mobile devices.

  7. Apple Insider: On the other side of the mobile and tech space, Apple Insider covers all things Apple and iOS. There is always something happening in the Apple Universe and this site has it all. Apple Insider has great coverage for those that want to keep up with Apple insider news, rumors, updates, and additional analysis. The site also offers price guides to help you find the lowest prices on Apple products.

  8. TabTimes: TabTimes is a great blog for mobile news, reviews, and apps to help managers, professionals, and business people navigate the tablet world. It has a good deployment and strategy section for tablets. In addition, since this website targets business people, you can get information on how enterprises are using tablets and the growing BYOD trend.

  9. Forrester Blog: Forrester Research is a great resource for data and analysis on technology. In particular, the CIO section of the Forrester blog is a great place for information and stats on mobile and technology throughout the world. You can look to Forrester for upcoming technology and mobile trends.

  10. CITEworld: We like reading CITEworld because it has information that will help IT professionals, business leaders, and other technology investors keep up with new developments in technology. The site is great for information on IT in the enterprise and the latest technology news.