Tips for Dealing With Coax Splitters

If coax splitters are a new concept for you, you will probably have a lot of questions. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that can help you deal with these parts.

What Are They?

Coaxial cable splitters are a part of video signal transfers that take a single signal and split it into multiple lines. They typically come in two-, three-, four-, and six-way configurations. All of these configurations create an equal split between each output port. For instance, the two-way configuration will have two outputs and one input port. The signal travels in the input port, split, and half is sent to one output port. The other half goes to the other port. This part is designed to maintain the proper impedance environment at the input and output ports. For video systems, that is typically 75 ohms.

Are There Different Qualities?

Like any RF splitters, coax splitters are not created equal. Low-quality parts can lead to signal loss and ghosting. This is often most noticeable in their construction. Low-quality splitters will have a single ferrite for controlling the impedance. However, this lowers the bandwidth of the impedance, creating ghosting and signal loss. On the other hand, high-quality splitters will have a printed circuit with multiple components to operate at a wider bandwidth.

Why Are They Important?

Coax splitters are important because they can help a project meet desired specifications. This is because they allow a signal to be split multiple times on a single run. They are also a very consistent option when you need a two-way split.

Are They Detected By Software?

Yes, cable reading software can detect their presence. Previously, detecting coax splitters was difficult, even with specialized equipment. However, modern technology has enabled testers to determine how many are in a system and their quality.

Coax splitters are just another important part that can be placed in signal transfer components. They come in a variety of qualities and are important because of their ability to enhance certain projects.