Why you should avoid those fun social media “tell us about yourself” questions

  It’s human nature; most of us love to talk about ourselves or at least share details about our past and preferences. And social media loves that, too, since it gets people engaged and participating. It’s not just scandalous material that can do you in. Quite the contrary. The most normal (even dull) aspects of … Read more

Apple says its ultra wideband technology is why newer iPhones appear to share location data, even when the setting is disabled

This week, security reporter Brian Krebs asked why the newest iPhone 11 Pro appeared to be sending out a user’s location even when the user disabled Location Services in their phone’s settings, in conflict with Apple’s privacy policy and the express wishes of the user. Apple  told Krebs it was “expected behavior” and that there were no security … Read more

Estimated Samsung Galaxy F bill of materials shows why it will cost $1,800

Korean agency CGS-CIMB Research has posted a report in which it estimates the Bill of Materials (BOM) for the foldable Galaxy F and compares it to a Galaxy S9+ and an iPhone XS Max. The priciest item is the display – or should we say “displays”. The Galaxy F will have one large 7.3” panel … Read more

If Social Media Algorithms Control Our Lives Why Can’t They Eliminate Hate Speech?

Getty ImagesGetty It has become accepted fact in our modern digital world that the algorithms powering the online revolution, especially those of the major social media platforms, have so much control over us that they can actually nudge us against our conscious will towards actions we would not otherwise take. The addictive nature of social … Read more

Why IT Hardware Firms Are Shifting to Software-Based Revenue Models

IBM had to do it. Oracle is in the process of doing it. Lots of other companies should have done it but couldn’t. We’re talking about vendors making the risky and often costly jump from a hardware-based IT business to one centered mostly on software sales, services, licensing and subscriptions. Most hardware companies are coming … Read more

Why AI Won’t Kill Software Testing

StockSnap One of the most exciting areas in quality assurance (QA) at the moment is the potential impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’re starting to ask the question, what if software could learn to test itself? What if software could automatically track down and eliminate bugs? This is not just fanciful thinking. The 2016-2017 … Read more

Your Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Costs More Than It Used To. Here’s Why.

You can add Microsoft’s Office 365 to the list of your favourite services that has become costlier in India amid the Indian government’s rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). All the individual consumer-facing Office 365 SKUs: Home, Personal, and Student, are now a little costlier in India, according to invoices reviewed by Gadgets 360. A … Read more

Twitter Reveals Why It Hides Its Daily Active User Figures

Responding to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as to why Twitter is hiding its daily active user (DAU) growth, the company said “the absolute number of DAUs is less important than the percentage change in DAUs”. In a correspondence between the company and SEC, Twitter revealed that the percentage change in DAUs is the key factor … Read more

Why smartphones heat up and how to deal with it

Heating up of a smartphone depends on various factors including the type of processor, the apps running at that time and the level of multi-tasking. Other factors include leaving your smartphone out in direct sunlight and much more. A lot of flagship smartphones including the Xperia Z5 have been affected by this issue. The main … Read more

Instagrim: Why Social Media Makes Students Miserable

Iremember when my students first told me to get on Facebook so I could see what their peers were posting. It was 2005, I was a tenure-track professor at a small Roman Catholic liberal-arts college, and Facebook was still a site that required a dot-edu email address. Back then security and privacy settings were nonexistent; … Read more