On Twitter, New JNU VC Has Supported Genocide Calls, Attacked Students, Farmers

Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit, the newly appointed vice-chancellor of India’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, seems set to continue on the same academic and administrative path as her controversial predecessor, M. Jagadesh Kumar, if her public statements on Twitter are a fair indication of her approach to university matters and public affairs. Her appointment was announced on Monday, … Read more

The pandemic has destroyed customer loyalty

More than a quarter (27.4%) of UK and US consumers now show no brand loyalty at all. This is according to joint research from first-party customer data specialist, Edit, and digital transformation consultancy Kin + Carta, which revealed the impact of the pandemic on customer loyalty. The report, titled ‘The Loyalty Paradox’ shows that brand … Read more

Apple’s New iPhone 5G Has Just Been Teased

Picked up by AppleInsider, Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala has teased something everything Apple fan should be excited about: new iPhones are coming with 5G. Speaking at Qualcomm’s earnings reveal, Palkhiwala revealed the company would ship a massive 200 million units of its 5G smartphone chip next year thanks to “two inflection points” in 2020. The first … Read more

Apple’s New Families Section Has Parental Control Tips, but No New Tools

Shareholders and parents have been asking Apple for months to address how addictive smartphones are and to offer tools to deal with the problem. Late Wednesday, Apple posted a new resource page outlining what parents can do now to monitor their kids’ iPad and iPhone use. There are no new features on this resource page, though Apple in January said that it … Read more

Apple iOS 11.2.6 Has A Significant New Problem

Apple AAPL -0.96% Apple AAPL $179.98$-1.75(-0.96%) As of 03/14/2018, 06:00am EDT Apple iOS 11.2.6 Has A Significant New Problem Robots Are The Future Smart Assistants ’s iOS 11.2.6 problems continue. On the surface, this is a seemingly minor update but it has caused a spate of issues and the strangest and potentially most serious one has now been topped… A … Read more

Apple Has No Plans for a Major Upgrade to MacBook Pro in 2018: Report

HIGHLIGHTS Apple is expected to shift a significant chunk of supply to Foxconn The move can be seen as a step to cut down on cost and risk The shift has reportedly begun in the second half of 2017 Apple reportedly has no plans to release a major upgrade for its MacBook Pro lineup in 2018. The Cupertino … Read more

iOS 11 Reportedly Has a New Autocorrect Bug, Changes ‘It’ to ‘I.T’

HIGHLIGHTS Apple has so far not acknowledged the issue It had suggested a workaround for the last ‘autocorrect’ bug Users have been complaining about the issue since September A few iPhone users are reporting a new autocorrect bug that is thought to be a part of iOS 11. The word ‘it’ is reportedly being autocorrected to … Read more

US has 11,000 troops in Afghanistan, more than previous count: Pentagon

The Pentagon sharply raised its estimate of the number of US troops currently in Afghanistan Wednesday, ahead of a decision on adding thousands more under President Donald Trump’s new strategy for the war-ridden country. Pentagon Joint Staff Director Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie said a comprehensive review showed there were approximately 11,000 uniformed US servicemen and … Read more

Wall Street thinks Apple only has 5 percent left to climb this year — but recommends buying it anyway

price forecasts. And that’s after a slew of analysts have already inched their targets higher for Apple. Of the big five tech stocks, Apple’s implied return — that is, the average difference between analysts’ target prices and the stock’s current price — is lowest. At $146 apiece, shares of Apple’s stock now have a higher … Read more

HTC Has an ‘Unexpected Surprise’ in Store for Monday; HTC One X10 Expected

  Taiwanese handset maker HTC has teased an announcement for Monday, where the company is expected to unveil a new smartphone. HTC Taiwan’s Facebook page has teased the announcement with an image that includes tagline saying, “Spring is coming”, and has the date mentioned. The Facebook post also has a tagline that says, “HTC will … Read more