Review: Bose SoundSport Free

It is hard to miss the distinct Bose sound with the SoundSport Free.

It is hard to miss the distinct Bose sound with the SoundSport Free.

Apple’s AirPods have been around for a while but haven’t yet faced genuine competition. Even the likes of the Sony WF1000X (Rs14,990) couldn’t manage to become genuine alternatives. Bose, however, could very well have a winner on its hands with the SoundSport Free (Rs18,990) wireless earphones.

For starters, the components are pretty much what you would expect—there are two wireless earbuds, and a charging case. The latter is where you store the SoundSport Free buds when they are not being used—and, also, to top up the battery charge. Bluetooth connectivity is used all around for the earphones to connect with your phone as well as communicate with each other.

The earbuds look much like other Bose earphones. There are physical volume controls, a play/pause key and a button that activates your Android phone or iPhone’s voice assistant.

The connection reliability, in each earpiece, is on a par with the Apple AirPods, and significantly better than the Sony WF1000X. We did not notice any drop in either ear at any point, and there were no annoying issues, such as the audio-video lag which plagues the WF1000X.

It is hard to miss the distinct Bose sound with the SoundSport Free. The warm and comfortable signature translates into excellent detailing, so much so that you might discover some new elements in tracks you may have been listening to for years. Treble is never too sharp, nor are the lyrics ever muffled. The bass isn’t the most powerful in the chest-thumping sort of way, but the understated elegance with which the lower frequencies are handled is impressive. Whether it’s listening to any genre of music, or podcasts, or binge-watching a Netflix show, the SoundSport Free hits the perfect notes every time.

You pay a definite premium for the SoundSport Free, compared with the Apple AirPods. But they sound great, and battery life and connection stability are good.