Facebook Trends To Follow in 2022 For Best Results


The world is still coping up with the after-effects of the pandemic and struggling to beat the new variant but this has not stopped the success and domination of social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have tasted more success than ever in the pandemic thanks to the increased screen time. Moreover, even platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter gained a lot from the same. The trends of social media marketing have changed drastically. The rise in the number of content creators on Facebook has given rise to several new trends. Facebook trends have always been about audience engagement and this year too, the social networking giant has proved to be useful for brands and businesses alike.

Though it is not a compulsion to follow the Facebook marketing trends, these trends and predictions help you understand the changes on the platform better.

Brands need to be two steps ahead because of the dynamic changes in audience behaviour and content trends. In this blog, we will help you understand the Facebook marketing trend for 2022.

Let’s begin.

5 Facebook Trends for 2022 You Must Know About

1. It is important to track the customer journey on the platform

Initially, brand managers only focused on the sales and profits they garnered from a particular campaign but now it is also crucial to check the customer journey. This is important because brands need to know what is working for them in terms of sales. Are the users landing on their products page through Instagram? Is it the Facebook ads that are benefitting them? And so on. There can be numerous reasons why a particular campaign works or does not work. This is why tracking the customer journey is going to become a norm for most marketers to succeed in social media marketing.

 2. Learn to cope with the diminishing engagement rate on Facebook

The engagement rate is a big concern for all brand marketers and sadly this might continue for Facebook. The gap between Instagram and Facebook’s engagement rate has been widening over the last few years. This can be bad news for Facebook marketing. Brand managers will have to learn to cope with the diminishing ER on Facebook by opting for creative content strategies. Make sure to use different content curation features Facebook offers and you might be able to get the desired results.

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 3. Facebook Stories are on the verge of becoming important

Just like Instagram, even Facebook launched its Stories feature some time back. Until now, brands took this feature lightly because it did not create any significant difference to their brand performance on the platform. However, this is about to change because users are now posting on Facebook stories frequently and the feature is being widely used. This will soon be followed by brands and businesses too. Facebook stories are ideal for posts that are timely. Moreover, they keep the audiences updated about your brand and its developments. Stories are also easy to create and post which makes them apt for brand marketing.

 4. Facebook video ads will fetch you the desired results

Sponsored and ad content on Facebook has been giving good results to marketers. Facebook’s ad formats, smart audience targeting options, and other features have led to this development. Paid advertising on Facebook is likely to be more common amongst marketers this year. Make sure you first conduct an in-depth analysis of your Facebook audience and then plan a paid campaign. Tools like Unbox Social have a dedicated solution for Facebook analysis. The tool has features that give you post insights, audience analysis, emoji metrics, and lots more.

 5. Facebook Live will be the best tool for marketing

Live events and product launches have become a norm for brands since the pandemic started. Facebook Live will remain the most sought after medium for marketing this year too. Facebook Live is the best way to engage with your Facebook audience. Marketers will need to generate the much-needed curiosity for the live event to gain maximum benefits. Hosting live events on Facebook will also help you increase your brand reach on the platform.