Malicious, malware-peddling ad campaigns are becoming trickier to detect

Jerome Segura, a senior security researcher with Malwarebytes, was recently stumped by a cyberattack he was studying. It seemed to keep vanishing. Segura often studies malvertising, which involves seeding ad networks with harmful online advertisements that then appear on websites, potentially delivering malware to a person’s computer. It’s a particularly insidious type of attack, since … Read more


Last month, the two new Gear S2 Classic models Samsung unveiled at CES began their global rollout. And now this is about to take them to the US. Both the rose gold and the platinum Gear S2 will become available stateside tomorrow, for a recommended retail price of $449.99. You’ll find them at Samsung’s own … Read more

Honda Amaze facelift picture gallery

Honda recently launched the facelifted version of the Amaze at Rs 5.29 lakh (ex-showroom New-Delhi). This is the first time the car is being refreshed after its introduction in the Indian market in April 2013. Check out this new version, which gets the much needed updates. The Amaze will rival the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Ford … Read more

Kabam is blowing up with help from Jedis and superheroes

Video game developer Kabam has seen the future of mobile gaming, and it looks a lot like a galaxy far, far away. Kabam, the gaming darling with a billion-dollar valuation and the backing of Alibaba, this year said it would focus solely on creating console-quality games in what it called a “Fewer, Bigger, Bolder” strategy. … Read more

5 things you need to know about the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement

The Privacy Shield agreement is intended to guarantee the personal information of European Union citizens the same privacy protection when processed in the U.S. as it would receive at home. Where these guarantees are not available, the information must stay in the EU. Privacy Shield replaces the earlier Safe Harbor agreement, which was torn up … Read more

Gmail for Work gets improved digital loss protection features

Google has expanded the digital loss protection features in Gmail for Work, to help ensure that employees don’t share confidential information outside the company they work for. The service can now use optical character recognition on attachments, so administrators can ensure that employees aren’t sharing mounds of confidential data in images (whether intentionally or not). … Read more

A new algorithm from MIT could protect ships from ‘rogue waves’ at sea

Predictive analytics can already help prevent churn and anticipate equipment failures, but MIT has applied it to a new realm altogether: protecting ships at sea from so-called “rogue waves.” Also known as killer waves, rogue waves swell up seemingly out of nowhere and can be eight times higher than the surrounding sea. They can strike … Read more

Facebook, Google, Microsoft to join tech industry in supporting Apple in court

The tech industry is rallying behind Apple in its appeal against a court order asking it to help the FBI unlock an iPhone 5c, with Facebook, Google and Microsoft planning submissions in court in support of the iPhone maker. “The industry is aligned on this issue and Facebook is participating in a joint submission with … Read more