Careers in Business Management

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Considering a career in business management? That’s an excellent choice! Jobs in business management are as varied and interesting as the people who obtain the degree.


There are numerous opportunities for business majors in the world of start-ups. The first step is to think about what you would like to do. If you’re a born salesman, this is a great way to combine your understanding of the business world with your ability to represent a product. If you’re more of a problem solver like Eyal Gutentag, you can connect your analytical skills with your people skills to maximize both. As a brand manager or operations research analyst, you could have a real influence in shaping the direction of the company.


If you’re interested in the fast-growing healthcare industry but don’t like blood, a business degree is a great option. Almost every doctor’s office and medical clinic needs an office manager. In addition to private offices, hospitals need administrators in charge of everyday operations, personnel, marketing, development, and product management.


One career option you may never have considered is teaching. With more and more vocational and career-focused classes being offered in high schools, a business degree is a perfect background to teach entry-level business classes. Not only do you get to influence the next generation, but you get your summers off!

Real Estate

Becoming a real estate broker is a natural fit for those with a business degree. Brokers can own their own real estate agencies and manage other agents. If you are self-motivated and like helping others, this is can be a profitable career choice.

The best thing about having a business degree is the variety of job opportunities that come with it. Whether you are interested in helping others, making money, or managing an office, a business degree opens all of these doors.