Board Exam 2019: Students caught with smart watch and mobile phone

AHMEDABAD: During the examination for science and technology students were caught misusing the technology to answer class Xth examination. The students had downloaded the class guide for science and technology subject in his smart watch which he was wearing.

Meanwhile two students were caught from an examination center in Botad with mobile when they were found to circulating the science and Technology paper in their social media group which had 17 members. The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary education board has registered a police complaint against all three students and have even registered a case of copying.

According to board officials, the supervisor of the hall in RGF school in Vapi suspected the students when he was constantly tapping on the watch. The seniors were called and during checking they found that the watch had the entire guide of the subject.

The two students in MM high school in Ghadhada sought permission to attend nature call frequently. This raised suspicion and the invigilator asked the checking squad to follow the students. The squad found that the students were taking the question paper in the bathroom and were clicking pictures and circulating in their group. Also, one student was caught mobile in Deesa. Meanwhile in Ahmedabad two copy were reported from Ahmedabad city. The two cases included one each from Meghaninagar and Isanpur.

However, the students found that the class X Science and technology paper and the chemistry paper in class XII was not as per their expectation. The students complained that the questions were twisted. In part A the 10 marks questions had to be answered with a reasoning which the students found to be tough.

In all 26 copying cases were reported across state. Of the 26 cases, 16 cases were reported in class Xth while there 10 cases in class XII. The authorities had to run to get photocopies of the chemistry question paper after the packet containing question had less number as compared to the students in the class.