Apple’s Black Friday 2019 Event Live Now (U.K.): Here Are The Deals

Apple’s own Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers have been teased already, but they’re about to go live.

Apple activates the offer as Friday begins in each territory, so the U.K. goes live before the U.S. – which happens at 00.01 Pacific. All of which means we can look to Apple stores in other countries to know just what’s coming.

Australia is one of the first places where Friday dawns, so the information below is based on what’s already known there. Here’s the Aussie site and each item below has a link to that site. When the U.K. and then the U.S. prices are confirmed, I’ll add links as appropriate.

I will be staggered if the results aren’t exactly transferable to the U.K and U.S. but in the spirit of accuracy, I’ll be updating this post as the offers are confirmed. Please check back for more details and, who knows, there may even be a surprise or two. Note that the Australian site teases us with the words “And more offers now until Monday”.

What Apple does for Black Friday

It’s the same each year: buy something at the Apple Store and receive a gift card to spend in store. That’s what is happening this year, it seems.

When the offers are live

From the first seconds of Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday is the schedule this year. Technically, it ends at 11.59PM on Monday night, so don’t log in to the site in the last minute of the day, okay.

What’s on offer

Apple is all about the gift cards rather than slashing money off its prices. For those discounts, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Gift card values

Last year, the value of the gift cards went up sharply and it looks like this year the values will be just as high on some of the products, anyway. Note that these cards work in any Apple Store, but these are not iTunes gift cards, which are the ones you can spend on apps, music and video titles.

Apple TV+

Several of the offers here include a year of Apple TV+ subscription. This offer isn’t just limited to when you buy from the Apple Store and some other products not in the four-day event, such as an iPhone 11, also have this offer, wherever you buy it from.


The latest iPhones are not in the shopping event, at least not yet. For now, you’re restricted to three phones from last year: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XR. In Australia, each of these phones comes with a AS$80 gift card plus a year’s subscription to Apple TV+. This will likely be a $50 gift card in the U.S., and is confirmed as a £40 gift card in the U.K.

Here are links to each deal (I’ll be adding more as they each goes live).

iPhone 8 Australia

iPhone 8 U.K.

iPhone 8 Plus Australia

iPhone 8 Plus U.K.

iPhone XR Australia

iPhone XR U.K.

Apple Watch

There’s no Apple Watch Series 5 in the four-day event, so it’s Apple Watch Series 3 which features. A gift card for AS$40 is available, likely $25 in the U.S. and confirmed as £20 in the U.K. That’s lower than the offer last year but remember that the Apple Watch Series 3 was more expensive then.

Apple Watch Series 3 Australia

Apple Watch Series 3 U.K


You’ll be spotting a pattern here: the latest AirPods Pro are not featured in the event, but there is a gift card for both the AirPods with Charging Case and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case. It’s AS$40, likely $25 in the U.S. and confirmed £20 in the U.K. Note that last year, there was no gift card for any AirPods at all.

AirPods with Charging Case Australia

AirPods with Charging Case U.K

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case Australia

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case U.K

iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro

The most recent iPad, the latest entry-level version, is not in the four-day event, though at $329 it’s extremely good value already. For both the iPad Air and iPad mini, a gift card is available with value AS$80, expected $50 in the U.S., confirmed £40 in the U.K. You also get a free year’s subscription to Apple TV+. If you splash out on the pricier iPad Pro, the gift card jumps to AS$160, expected $100 in the U.S., confirmed £80 in the U.K. Same Apple TV+ comes with it.

iPad Air Australia

iPad Air U.K

iPad mini Australia

iPad mini U.K

iPad Pro Australia

iPad Pro U.K

Apple Mac

Choose from the 13in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and even iMac Pro and you’ll get a gift card plus a year’s free subscription to Apple TV+. On the MacBook Pro, there’s a gift card valued at AS$160, expected $100 in the U.S. and expected £80 in the U.K. The other Mac computers, the 13in MacBook Pro, the iMac and iMac Pro, attract a higher-value gift card. It’s AS$320, $200 in the U.S. and £160 in the U.K.

MacBook Air Australia

MacBook Air U.K

13in MacBook Pro Australia

13in MacBook Pro U.K

iMac Australia

iMac U.K

Apple TV

Guess what? There’s that year’s subscription to Apple TV+. Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K also each have a gift card attached. Worth AS$40, expected $25 in the U.S., expected £20 in the U.K.

Apple TV HD Australia

Apple TV HD U.K.

Apple TV 4K Australia

Apple TV 4K U.K.


A gift card comes with the HomePod, too. That’s AS$80, expected $50 in the U.S. and expected £40 in the U.K.

HomePod Australia

HomePod U.K.