Apple updates patent for wrap-around display: Possibility for new iPhone?

Apple has revived its interest in an old patent it holds for wrap-around display and has now gone in for a continuation patent for this design, according to Tech Radar. The form most smartphones follow is metal and glass, or all glass. At the middle and lower-end, some plastic derivatives are also used for the rear panel. … Read more

Twitter Updates Its Windows App; Kills Off Its Android TV, Roku, and Xbox Apps

Twitter on Wednesday announced improvements to its mobile website, Twitter Lite app, and Twitter for Windows app, including night mode and a new tweet compose box. Separately, after killing off apps used by a small number of users, including the Twitter for Mac app, the micro-blogging site is shutting down its TV apps on Roku, Android … Read more

Apple Updates App Store Rules, Google Assistant Comes to Older Phones

Apple and Google are two of the biggest names in tech. And as such, they provide a lot of tools and platforms that are useful to businesses. However, some of those tools haven’t always been accessible to all small businesses. Apple’s App Store has recently added some rules that excluded many small businesses. And the … Read more

Software updates for workstations and mobile devices: How to stay safe and sane

With cybercrime on the rise, maintaining a regular schedule of updates and applying critical out-of-band patches as vulnerabilities are discovered are paramount to maintaining the integrity of security in your organization. Ransomware attacks netted criminals an estimated $5 billion in 2017, using exploits that were originally found by the NSA. As security flaws become increasingly weaponized, performing … Read more

iPhone 8 release date, news, price and speculation – Latest Apple updates REVEALED

iPHONE 8 looks set to be the next blockbuster update from Apple. The smartphone looks likely to launch in September and could include a host of new features such an edge-to-edge display and faster processor. Here’s all the news, updates, price and rumours about this latest smartphone. The iPhone 8 from Apple looks set to launch as early as … Read more

Microsoft’s decision to scrap February security updates unnerves patch experts

Microsoft this week canceled February’s slate of security updates for Windows and its other products, including Office, just a day after saying that the fixes would only be delayed. Patch experts struggled with the decision, pointing out that known vulnerabilities will go unpatched and that IT planning had been disrupted. “I was shocked,” said Chris … Read more

Evernote updates its privacy policy to allow employees to read your notes, and you can’t opt out of this

Popular online note-taking service Evernote has announced an update to its privacy policy, allowing some of its employees to read your notes. The updated policy will come into effect starting January 23, 2017. The reason behind the move is described as: “this is primarily to make sure that our machine learning technologies are working correctly, … Read more

Google trims the size of app updates with new data-saving technique

With millions of apps in the Play Store and enough space on our phones to comfortably store hundreds of them, updating can be a tedious, data-chomping process. Earlier this year, Google announced it was using a new Delta algorithm that reduced the size of updates by as much as half when compared to the old … Read more

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 beta build improves touchpads, updates Photos, and stabilizes your PC

While Windows 10 is designed for a range of hardware, more modern, powerful PCs will benefit from reliability improvements in the new Windows 10 Insider build 14942, released Friday. The new Insider build for the Fast ring includes a laundry list of tweaks and new changes, but the most important are some under-the-hood improvements that Microsoft promises … Read more

Android device updates: August security patches are on their way for Nexus devices

The Android update world slowed to a crawl this week. But there was plenty of other news to get our attention, with Samsung showing off the Galaxy Note 7 and several new rumors about all the new software tricks in the upcoming Nexus phones. Each week, we compile all the major software updates to hit … Read more