Google cloned Apple’s 3D Touch for the Pixel using just software

Yesterday, Google announced the latest “feature drop” for its Pixel line of Android phones. It’s part of an effort to get people to realize that the Pixel gets software updates ahead of other Android phones and that some of the features it receives stay exclusive to the Pixel. And yesterday’s “drop” epitomizes so many things … Read more

Apple Watch might soon get Touch ID feature

SAN FRANCISCO : Apple is working towards introducing Touch ID feature in the Apple Watch, according to a patent application filed last year by the iPhone maker and recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. “Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application from Apple that covers moving the internal … Read more

How to Backup Your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch via iTunes or iCloud

HIGHLIGHTS You can easily back up data stored on your iOS devices You can do this via iCloud or iTunes The process is simple and costs nothing in most cases If you lose or damage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you don’t want to be losing all of your data. Think about all of the pictures, videos, … Read more

iOS 11 allows you to disable touch id in hostile situations

Lately, developers and enthusiasts have been busy digging out the latest features of the OS. Subsequently, a new trait of iOS 11 has been stumbled upon which ensures better security for users by allowing them to disable the touch id. All that needs to be done to disable the touch id is pressing the power … Read more

iOS 11 Beta Allows Users to Quickly Disable Touch ID Easily to Improve Privacy

User privacy is an important issue for Apple and the company has previously gone to great lengths to prove this thing. With iOS 11, the Cupertino-based company has introduced a new feature that allows users to quickly disable Touch ID by simply tapping the power button five times, in situations where they can be physically forced to unlock their device … Read more

Apple Ditching The iPhone’s Touch ID For 3D Facial Recognition Technology Could Be A Bad Idea

According to recent reports, Apple is going to replace Touch ID with facial-recognition technology on the iPhone, and it might start things off with the iPhone 8. The thing is, it’s not exactly as reliable as fingerprint security, which is evidenced by the workarounds to the Samsung Galaxy S8’s iris scanner. For what it’s worth, Apple’s technology won’t … Read more

iPhone 8 May Indeed Sport Bezel-Less Display With Touch ID Embedded, Patent Tips

Even amidst several reports of a delay in the iPhone 8, new developments about its features continue to leak online. Now, Apple has been found to have recently been granted some major patents, indicating the arrival of at least two big features on the iPhone 8 – an edge-to-edge display and Touch ID embedded into … Read more


Sasha Mordovets | Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin The Kremlin is not in touch with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s team, Russian news agencies cited Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Monday. A senior Russian diplomat said last month the Russian government had been in touch with members of Trump’s political team during … Read more

Oculus Touch controller review: Putting virtual worlds at your fingertips, with caveats

Oculus’s motion-tracked Touch controllers are about as close as you can get to using your hands in virtual reality, but it’s hard to take advantage of their full potential due to endemic platform problems. Before we talk about Oculus’s motion-tracked Touch controllers, I want to take a moment to discuss how badly the company miscalculated. … Read more

Apple called out for copyright infringement with 3D Touch

When you’re as big as Apple, you get used to staffing a strong legal department pretty quick. Copyright claims and lawsuits have become such a mundane part of the tech business that we honestly can’t even remember a time when Cupertino and Samsung weren’t at each other’s throats over some legal claim. Plus, suing a … Read more