Sci-Fi Films That Inspired Our Favorite Gadgets

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68 Shockingly Useful Gadgets Under $20 On Amazon

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Kitchen gadgets review: the Donut Mug – an unsettling setting for a brew

Think about the visual pun of the glaze, crucial to both pottery and doughnuts’ … Rhik Samadder with the Donut Mug. Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian What? The Donut Mug (£16.99, Clay-fired vessel, shaped as punctured ring torus and decoratively glazed, with handle. Imitates doughnut. Why? Someone finally pitched Cruller Intentions, starring Reese, with a spoon. … Read more

Handy Kitchen Gadgets On Sale

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Kitchen gadgets review: Penneli garlic peeler – weird and ugly but works

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