The Popularity of Gadget Blogs

Studies show that more and more gadget blogs are starting to appear on the World Wide Web. This is because blogs seem to attract a lot of people due to their ease of use. Although you need to pay for several gadget blogs, other gadget blogs will be completely free of charge. Different kinds of … Read more

My Gadget Life – Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

My Puma football shoes, gloves, shaker, jersey and shorts and Nintendo – that’s what you’ll find in my kit. I’m  currently getting the hang of… the Apple Watch. My shoes from my Indian Team Debut against Iran… are my most prized football possessions… Winning trophies in my career so far, playing for India, playing in Europe… are few of the memories I cherish … Read more

An Everyday Household Gadget Could Hold The Key To NASA’s Next Hunt For Extraterrestrial Life

For long considered an “anti-biosignature,” the presence of carbon monoxide may now be compatible with a photosynthetic biosphere around a rocky planet, like this one orbiting Proxima Centauri (artist’s depiction).NASA, ESA, G. BACON (STSC) How do astronomers look for signs of life away from Earth? They study the chemical composition of the atmospheres of planets outside … Read more

Gimme a gadget after midnight

Alone on Valentine’s Day? That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and your inner-techie That wonderful day known as Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for couples to profess their love for each other. In small ways like flowers and gifts, and in big gestures, like expensive dinners or romantic getaways. Either way, V-Day can … Read more

cast off that more running gadget and the dual boot

Richard T. Wagner wants to dispose of windows 7 from a dual-boot computer, and maintain windows10. His model of windows 7 would not even paintings. jogging a couple of variations of home windows on one computer gives you extra alternatives,however sooner or later you may probable want to move again to handiest one. And when … Read more