Cops find dud cams, old software at ATMs 

KOLKATA: Police brass is likely to discuss security features of ATMs with bank officials after the recent physical audit threw up several lapses, including banks’ ignorance about non-functional CCTV cameras, irregular duty hours of security guards and usage of old software in some ATMs. An analysis of the reports filed by each of the 71 … Read more

Facebook Forms Team to Find Worst Case Scenarios Before They Arise

Facebook has hired a team of ex-intelligence officers, researchers and media buyers to find the worst possible things that can be done using the platform and to help the company prevent them. The group is called “Investigative Operations Team” and is testing the company’s advertising systems, pages, Instagram, Messenger and more, BuzzFeed News reported on Saturday. The team … Read more

Facebook Bookmarks Menu Revamped to Help Find Privacy Settings More Easily

Facebook has refreshed its Bookmarks menu to let users navigate, access and make changes to their privacy settings easily. The updates will be rolled out globally over the next two weeks. Users can now access various Facebook settings, including Account Settings, Privacy Shortcuts, News Feed Preferences, Activity Log, Payments Settings and access to Help & Support, … Read more

Apple, Facebook Find Something to Praise China for Amid Internet Clamp

Top executives at Apple and Facebook managed to find something to praise Beijing for at an Internet conference in China this week, even as its Communist Party rulers ban Western social media and stamp on online dissent. China’s World Internet Conference attracted the heads of Google and Apple for the first time to hear China vow to open up its Internet … Read more

Investors can still find good dividend stocks in a rising rate environment

There are still plenty of dividend-yielding stocks for investors, even in a rising interest rate environment. Investors do have to pick carefully though, as not every high-yield sector makes sense right now, Josh Duitz of Alpine Funds said on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Thursday. “It depends on the sector. Certainly in consumer staples — where … Read more

You can find out how your CPU compares to AMD’s Ryzen for free

The Ryzen hype train has left the station, and to build up its speed, AMD has actually released the source file it used to demonstrate just how fast its upcoming eight-core Summit Ridge CPU is. This doesn’t usually happen, but because Blender is open-source and free, we now have a way for both haters and … Read more

Five to Try: Android Auto opens up to all cars, and find charming adventure along The Trail

Greenbot | Nov 11, 2016 4:00 AM PT RELATED TOPICS Android Apps Games COMMENTS Need to take your mind off of America’s turbulent week? We have a few new or updated Android apps and games that might help you and your family focus on something else for a bit. Android Auto is this week’s big … Read more