Just like how humans recognise faces, bees are born with an innate ability to find and remember flowers

We’ve all watched a honeybee fly past us and land on a nearby flower. But how does she know what she’s looking for? And when she leaves the hive for the first time, how does she even know what a flower looks like? Our paper, published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, set out to … Read more

Apple Faces Down Qualcomm, Ericsson Over EU Patent Fees

The European Union is drawing up guidelines on how much patent holders should charge for their technologies, a thorny issue that pits Apple and other users against Qualcomm and Ericsson. Trillions of dollars in sales are at stake as regulators ponder whether a fridge maker should pay a different rate for crucial patents than a carmaker, or whether a flat, … Read more

Why Infosys’ board of directors faces the fury of its founders

Our IT cos need to look upwards. But Infosys cofounders are asking the company to look at the mud. This will n… Read More It is time for India’s information technology (IT) companies to turn their head skywards, to look at the stars. Infosyscofounders are asking their company to look at the mud. This will … Read more

Retail faces ‘double-edged sword’ in internet age: JPMorgan Analyst

The destiny of retail requires fewer shops and a more on-line presence, but the street to that truth is fraught with threat, JPMorgan retail analyst Matt Boss stated Friday. Boss spoke at the end of a difficult few weeks for shops, at some point of which weak guidance and middling profits hammered many stocks within … Read more