Draft IT rules will lead to censorship on social media: Experts

Internet activists, law firms and public advocacy groups Saturday said the proposed changes to IT laws will lead to censorship and not achieve the government’s goal of removing objectionable content from the web. Putting forth their views at a consultation meeting called by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, various stakeholders said the new rules … Read more

Experts Say Automated Accounts Sharing Fake News Ahead of French Election

French voters are being deluged with false stories on social media ahead of the country’s presidential election, though the onslaught of “junk news” is not as severe as that during last year’s US presidential campaign, according to a study by Oxford University researchers. The study to be published Friday and another published on Wednesday add evidence … Read more

Microsoft’s decision to scrap February security updates unnerves patch experts

Microsoft this week canceled February’s slate of security updates for Windows and its other products, including Office, just a day after saying that the fixes would only be delayed. Patch experts struggled with the decision, pointing out that known vulnerabilities will go unpatched and that IT planning had been disrupted. “I was shocked,” said Chris … Read more

The best cybersecurity advice from experts at RSA

Come to the RSA show, and you’ll find plenty of cybersecurity technology. The top vendors from across the industry are here, showing products for fighting ransomware, preventing data breaches and more. But even the best security software is useless if users and businesses aren’t taking the right steps to protect themselves. So we asked experts … Read more

GST to smoothen taxation, bring in transparency: Experts

Representative photo JAIPUR: GST will not only ease the process of taxation, but bring in transparency, say experts. At an interactive awareness programme for start-ups here, the experts said the government is expected to resolve the queries of entrepreneurs regarding GST. “GST will not only ease the process, but also bring transparency as all the … Read more

Chennai: Include three educational experts in the panel, directs HC

The PIL was filed by the director of an NGO, CHANGE India, A Narayanan Director of an NGO, CHANGE India, A Narayanana filed the plea The state government has been directed to include three educational experts in the panel constituted by the government to deal with issues, including minimum land requirement, relating to 746 unauthorized … Read more

Phone hacking: What the FBI won’t reveal could hurt users, experts argue

WASHINGTON—We already know that law enforcement agencies can hack our phones. But we don’t know what they find, how they find it, or even who helps them discover the information. Top cybersecurity experts and lawmakers argued about how much should be revealed at a July 11 meeting of the Congressional Internet Caucus. “Government hacking has … Read more

Tesla-SolarCity deal makes experience, experts say

at the same time as many on Wall road have expressed skepticism over Tesla’s $2.eight billion bid for SolarCity, Tesla shareholder Joe Dennison is not certainly one of them. For him, the deal makes feel for Tesla’s long–time period strategy. “if you suppose that strength and transportation are transferring in the direction of a sustainable … Read more

Whip the battle of the bulge with these steps: Experts

Mercedes-Benz India has been a major player in the development of the workforce  at a new plant in Brazil that was opened by its parent company recently. Workers for this new plant were sent to the Mercedes-Benz Chakan plant to familiarise themselves with the production processes. This was also done to integrate the new location … Read more