Social media threat discovered toward end of Apollo-Ridge graduation ceremony

A threat made via social media had Apollo-Ridge School District officials err on the side of caution during the finale of Friday night’s graduation ceremony and cut it short. School Director Paul King said the district skipped its traditional return of seniors’ caps and gowns in exchange for diplomas after a threat was discovered. Specifics … Read more

‘Golden keys’ that unlock Windows’ Secure Boot protection discovered

Microsoft just offered a masterclass on why building back doors into secure systems are a bad idea. Two security researchers who go by the handles @never_released and @TheWack0lianon Twitter recently announced in a blog post that malicious actors can bypass Windows’ Secure Boot feature on vulnerable machines, as first reported by ZDNet. If exploited, this would … Read more

New structural features of human hair discovered

Electron Microscopy micrograph of human hair cross-section. The top region shows the external part of the hair — cuticle region; The bottom region shows the internal macrofibrils — cortex region. Credit: Fabiano Emmanuel Montoro/LNNano, CNPEM A new discovery about the structure of human hair is likely to change the way scientists and researchers, as well … Read more

New structural features of human hair discovered

Human hair structure has been studied extensively for more than 70 years, but a complete picture of its local structure has proven elusive. But now, by combining a submicron X-ray beam with cross-section geometry, a team of researchers has detected new structural features of human hair. Share: FULL STORY Electron Microscopy micrograph of human hair … Read more