Rumor: From Software’s Next Game Shadows Die Twice Details Leaked

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People might not be too fond of rumors or unverified information, but in the past couple of years, several internet sources have revealed a number of different video game details that ultimately wound up being true. Such may very well be the case here, as some fairly in-depth information has surfaced revealing a host of different details regarding developer From Software’s upcoming Shadows Die Twice project.

According to a post made over on the 4chan /v/ forum, the Shadows Die Twice project will be share a gameplay design and general atmosphere similar to games in the Souls series, but will offer a slightly different experience thanks to a more open world and less-linear level designs. Apparently the game will “draw inspiration from both Bloodborne and From Software’s old PS2 game Kuon,” with combat being more “vicious and brutal” than the aforementioned titles.

The post allegedly goes on to state a number of different details regarding passive and active skills, stating that the game “won’t have endless skill trees” nor will it offer sidearms or shields, and that the story, set in ancient Japan, will focus on “an ancient cult” fearful of the world’s end that chooses to “sacrifice people at their shrine of blood.” In addition to their blood rites, this cult also allegedly carries out a number of different experiments on their victims, and the post also indicates that some of the enemies will play host to some sort of horrific body-controlling parasite, much like the “not-zombies” encountered in Resident Evil 4.

Aside from a more open world and a few tweaks to skills and weapons, Shadows Die Twice will allegedly feature other similarities to games in the Souls series, including the option for players to enter the games of other players for PvP combat. The game is also rumored to feature a day/night cycle, where enemies encountered at night will be more powerful than those encountered during the day.

Of course, with this information coming from 4chan, we can only assume it’s conjecture. With that said, it isn’t necessarily wrong. From Software hasn’t made any kind of official post with details regarding Shadows Die Twice, so for now, this information is all players have to go by. Hopefully we’ll be able to learn some proper information straight from the development team sometime soon.