Instagram Slammed by Users for Not Removing Facetune Ads

Instagram Slammed by Users for Not Removing Facetune Ads

Photo-messaging app Instagram is facing criticism for not removing an advertisement of a paid photo editing app Facetune that is targeted at women under 25 years of age.

The social media users have slammed the Facebook-owned Instagram as well as the app for promoting the idea of altering faces for better pictures, reported on Sunday.

The paid app allows users to “refine” their smiles, modify their skin, reshape faces with higher cheekbones and refined jaw lines with the provision to add make-up to the picture, the app description reads on Google Play.

Instagram users have displayed their anguish towards the encouragement of such apps in comments, tagging Facetune and the ideology behind it “disgusting”, “messed up” and “terrible.”

Instagram has reportedly declined to comment on the current situation, given that it approves all advertisements on its platform through a set of guidelines that “aims to protect the community”.

Launched in 2013, Facetune became one of the most popular paid apps last year.