Gimme a gadget after midnight

Alone on Valentine’s Day? That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and your inner-techie

That wonderful day known as Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for couples to profess their love for each other. In small ways like flowers and gifts, and in big gestures, like expensive dinners or romantic getaways.

Either way, V-Day can be hard on all those single people. That does not need to be the case though, Valentine’s is about love and nothing says ‘I love myself’ more than gifting yourself a gadget companion. Here are some ideas.

Just what the heart needs

Valentine’s Day is all about those matters of the heart, figuratively. Why not take that meaning to a more literal level and buy yourself that Apple Watch 4 you’ve been lusting for, for so long. You see, under its sleek exterior lies an ECG, an electrocardiogram, that sends pulses to your heart to measure its health.

Pinging you with advice when it notices any irregularities and even going as far as to alerting emergency services when you’re in danger of cardiac arrests. Plus, it’s nifty that it’s got that breathing reminder. Get yourself what your heart wants this V-Day.

Crush on these assistants

No matter how much you shy away from digital assistants, they are a riot. Even if they may one day take over the world as prophesied by The Terminator, that’s a long way off, and while they’ve not evolved to the levels of the robots in Ex-Machina and Her, to be able to romance, they’re still fun to talk to.

Gimme a gadget after midnight

You can ask them any trivia question, dictate messages, ask them the time or to play music for you, they can tell you silly jokes and remind you of things you need to do. If you have a smart connected home, they can keep that temperature controlled and those lights nice and ambient. Who knows, not far into the future you may be able to actually converse with them. Till then, they’re a great voice to have in an empty house.

Forget true love — go true wireless

Free yourself from pesky wire clutter and take that plunge into true wireless. A go-to are Apple’s AirPods and the excellent Samsung Gear IconX for Android if you want to stay specific to the platform.

Gimme a gadget after midnight

However, if you want to stand out a bit, Jabra’s snazzy Elite 65T series is way better in both sound quality and fit, they come in snazzy colours and models too. The gorgeous blue-and-gold Elite Active brings in motion detection and water resistance. The Elite Sport brings a better fit for the rigours of working out.

A little Tinder loving care

Not down to holding hands? Treat yourself to a brand new phone, so you can download Tinder and get started. There are plenty of good affordable phones out there. The OnePlus 6T has some incredible features and an ultra-fast 10GB RAM-equipped McLaren Edition to boost your swiping right.

Huawei has got some incredible camera technology with its Mate 20 Pro’s 40 MP camera and its brand new Honor View 20’s unique colours and that same 40 MP camera, both tuned by Leica. iOS junkies can invest in the iPhone XS and XS Max or the iPhone XR which is slightly lower-end, but still good. If they’re too expensive — which they are — you could get a good deal on an iPhone X or 8 series.

Size matters

If you love the idea of curling up on the couch watching rom-coms, then why not treat yourself to a massive screen? Xiaomi has pretty good 4K 55-inch Mi TVs. If you want something bigger, there’s a 65-inch 4K from Vu.

Gimme a gadget after midnight

Now if you want to go bigger, then why not go for a projector? You can get a higher-end projector which gives 1080p and can project a larger than 75-inch image.

Block out the haters

If you peg Valentine’s Day as nothing but one big marketing ploy, then this gift for yourself could go against that very philosophy — but it’s worth every penny. One of the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market, the Sony 1000XM3 can blot out all those pesky Valentine’s Day noises so you can jam on your own tunes.

Gimme a gadget after midnight

They cost upwards of ₹30,000, but are packed with an incredible sound signature, extremely comfortable earpads and the noise-cancelling does not feel like you’re constantly coming down an elevator from the 100th floor. Just cup the earpiece and the music dims enough to hear what people are talking and then get back into your bubble. There are cheaper options for noise-cancelling; you can get Bose QuietComforts for a little less and TaoTronics and Cowin have budget noise-cancelling options.