Computex 2018: The cleverest gadgets unveiled



Computex in Taiwan, which started June 5 and wraps up Saturday, has seen an abundance of tech toys and prototype unveilings. Some are intended to represent the future of personal computing, others are clever gadgets that could change lives or just as easily end up in a drawer.

One of Asia’s largest tech trade shows, Computex has no shortage of exciting gadgets, gaming products and big announcements. This year’s edition has captured tech enthusiasts with dual-screen laptops, powerful processors, a new gaming phone and the list goes on. Off the beaten path, there are a few gadgets on display that can help us brush our teeth or breathe fresher air.

R-PUR – New generation anti-pollution mask

French brand R-PUR was at the event with its “anti-pollution mask specifically designed for motorbike and bicycle users.” The masks filter toxic particles such as diesel, pollen, viruses and bacteria so riders can breathe-easy on the road. Currently available for pre-order on indiegogo for €129, with estimated delivery in October 2018.

Liva Headset

ECS brought Liva, which it claims is the “world’s first Alexa voice-activated headset.” This may have you confused as most headphones can be used with voice assistants, however they require another device, such as a smartphone, to do so; Liva doesn’t. For those using smart devices in their home, this type of headset could come in handy as a tool to request lights to be turned down or temperature cranked up. As with other devices that have virtual assistants, it can respond to requests about news, weather, your calendar and more, without the user picking up a smartphone.

Avori Smart Toothbrush

This gadget uses sensors and an app to record your tooth-brushing movements and depending on what areas you may have missed, there are nine customizable cleaning modes to ensure a better brush next time. Better still, there’s no need to change your Bluetooth settings twice a day, the Avori Smart Toothbrush can automatically recognize WiFi and connect.

Asus VivoWatch BP

A follow-up from the VivoWatch that came out three years, but this time with a twist. The BP at the end stands for what makes this wearable unique, it’s a blood pressure monitor. Electrocardiographic and photoplethysmographic sensors are used both on the front and back. To take a reading, the user unlocks the VivoWatch BP by placing their finger on a button next to the screen and then selects blood-pressure-reading mode. Then they press their fingertip on the front-facing sensor for 15 to 20 seconds for a result. It also tracks the usual metrics and with the data provided, the HealthAI algorithm provides personalized health advice.


Uspace is designed to provide a solution to a large problem in Taipei — parking. Strict controls and heavy fines for illegally parking make personal spaces a premium asset, which is why so many people rent theirs out and that’s where Uspace comes in. A bolt is attached to the ground and a upside-down U shaped lever can be remotely raised to block the space, or lowered to grant access. And of course, as with most things requiring a remote, it comes with an app.