Breaking Your Child’s Gadget Addiction

It’s 2019, and watching kids play hide-and-seek, football, fly kites, make paper boats or just happily jump in muddy puddles has sadly become a rare sight. What’s the cause of this sudden change? Technology has all of a sudden taken over our lives in such a way that it has steadily changed from a necessity to an addiction. This has become a major cause of worry not only for adults but also children. Millions of kids, right from toddlers to teenagers, have become tech-savvy with gadgets readily available in traditional stores and in. They can use mobile phones and tablets, effortlessly. Undoubtedly, kids learn a lot from the programs available on these gadgets, but, overuse can lead to some serious issues like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). So, would it be right for elders to intervene? Well, most parents will agree that they need to limit the use of gadgets in their children. A few points to de-addict your kid from gadgets are given below.

Set an example

One of the most effective ways to get kids detached from their e-gadgets is by setting an example. Kids imitate the elders around them, so if we are glued to our gadgets, it will be very difficult to keep our kids away from theirs. Limit the use of your gadgets, especially in front of your kids. You might as well use them while your kids are in school or off to bed.

Engage your kid in extracurricular activities

Here’s your chance to bond with your kid by engaging in fun activities like singing, dancing, solving puzzles and playing games like chess, snake, and ladders, ludo, Uno and so on. In the case of toddlers, there is a huge variety of games like hide and seek, building blocks, and moulding play dough that can boost your kid’s physical, emotional and cognitive skills.

Read together

Reading is indeed the best method for the intellectual development of a child. It can make them smarter, expand their vocabulary, improve reading fluency, enhance imagination and help them to understand the world around. Reading is relaxing and entertaining, and can be fun when done with kids. You can invest in various kinds of story books available at online marketplaces like eBay Australia or Amazon Australia. Another option is to become a member of a library and access books, newspapers, magazines and so on.

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Encourage outdoor activities

Playing outdoors helps toddlers to build their motor skills. Enjoy precious moments with your kids as you play fun games like dodgeball and catch. Older ones can play tennis, football, cricket and so on. Take a break from your routine and head to the beach with your kids. You can also go on nature walks and enjoy the fresh air as you explore the natural surroundings. Visit zoos, amusement parks, or go cycling with your kids. These activities not only keep your kids away from gadgets, but also ensure that the entire family spends some quality time together.

Tuck the gadgets away 

Make sure that the gadgets are not easily accessible to your kids. Keep them password protected and stay informed when your kid is using it. Digital screens impact the overall development of little children. It hampers the cognitive development and leads to increased agitation, delays physical growth, lack of concentration. It also strains the eye and even leads to obesity. In teenagers, gadget addiction can lead to increased aggression, sleep problems and mental health issues.

Create awareness regarding online dangers

Parents should make sure that their kids, especially teenagers are aware of the dangers online. Educate your kids about safe online behaviour. Instruct them not to share their personal information online without your concern as they can get bullied by cyber criminals. Make them aware of the dangers of some online games like the Blue Whale Challenge.

In this modern age of digital technology, the life of kids has changed drastically. Smart phones, video games, televisions and tablets have replaced footballs, books and toys. As parents, it is our duty to ensure that our kids do not fall prey to the dangers that come along with technology. If needed, seek help from health counsellors to de-addict your child from gadgets.