Apple updates patent for wrap-around display: Possibility for new iPhone?

Apple has revived its interest in an old patent it holds for wrap-around display and has now gone in for a continuation patent for this design, according to Tech Radar. The form most smartphones follow is metal and glass, or all glass.

At the middle and lower-end, some plastic derivatives are also used for the rear panel. As far as Apple is concerned, it has always had a metal body with a glass display. There have been models of smartphones of late with the display on. But a complete wrap-around is something one has not seen so far.

It must be added here that as a concept, the wrap-around display technology has been available with Xiaomi and Samsung. However, there is no commercial model with such a design in the market.

With Apple too, there is no surety that the company will launch an iPhone with the wrap-around display or that the iPhone 12 to be released next fall will have this design. Apple files many patent applications each month and it is a continuous process. Many of the designs and concepts for which it obtains the patents don’t see the light of day.

The wrap-around display that has been described in the patent application would indicate that it would be an all-glass affair with the display on both sides of the phone. There is even a suggestion that this could be Apple’s answer to a foldable phone. That may look a little far-fetched though, since a foldable smartphone converts it into a tablet when unfolded.