10 best blogs to follow about startups


There are a lot of blogs on a lot of different topics available online nowadays. Companies, public offices, celebrities, politicians, athletes, and just about anyone and everyone seems to have something to say and apparently blogging is one of the best ways to say it. Obviously, some are better than others and many are merely there to provide an outlet for the writer. But, there are actually a fair number that offer interesting insight into business matters, especially surrounding issues of interest to those involved in the startup world. Here is a list of what we consider some of the best blogs for startups, in no particular order of course:

On Startups

This one isn’t just about any startup topic, it specifically focuses on software startups. And, it was started by someone who has actually created and sold successful software startups.

Young Upstarts

The content here delves into innovation and small business matters with an emphasis on the younger perspective. This is no doubt useful for any millennials looking to get something going, or perhaps those seeking to understand the millennial mindset.

Startup Nation

This blog does a great job focusing on the many different aspects of starting, growing, and managing a small business and offers a ton of great tools and tips.


This team’s feed covers it all – startups, funding, the biggest news in the tech industry, and so much more. Plus, they cover pertinent European news for those who like a little international flavor.

Startup CFO

This blog goes beyond just starting and funding a business. It also helps startups by offering practical advice and insight into the exit strategy, which is frequently top of mind for forward thinking startup founders.

Red Rocket

In their own words, the Red Rocket blog “serves as a small business executive’s strategic ‘playbook,’ with actionable ‘how-to’ lessons on a wide range of topics, including business, strategy, sales, marketing, technology, operations, human resources, finance, fundraising and more.”

Startup Lawyer

Startups must inevitably navigate the complex legal realm at some point in the founding and growth process, and this blog aims to educate leaders about some of the legal issues surrounding startups.


This unique company helps other companies get funded and grow in different sectors through what they term their accelerator and development program, and their blog provides news and updates relating to how they do it.

Upstart Business Journal

This website is essentially a mega blog covering all kinds of interesting tidbits, including information for entrepreneurs, news about specific companies, and money matters. Their How To section is particularly interesting as it delves into issues around funding, growth strategies, marketing, and technology.


Obviously we are a bit biased on this one, but we take great pride in our blog. We constantly cruise the web to see what is happening out there, stay up to date on all things relating to startups, and try to use our blog to share our thoughts and findings. We hope you find it helpful.